Chef Michael Schwartz’s recently to my delight won this year Best Chef in the Southeast from James Beard House. Michael is now the chef-owner of “Michael’s Genuine Food and Drink” in the Design District of Miami.

  Michael has been one of my favorite chefs in Miami since I first ate at his restaurant Nemo’s in the mid 0 90’s. It is so wonderful that Michael is finally getting the nationwide recognition that he has so richly deserved for so long.

   From my first reading of his menu at Nemo’s, then Big Pink and the long forgotten Fish to my first bites of his cuisine exploding bright sharp flavors in my mouth awakening my senses. Michael is the chef that first brought crispy creamy polenta fries into my life, rich with the flavors of cheese and cream. Then later on, I became addicted to his Caesar Salad with smoked salmon croutons, which were just chunks of smoked salmon deep-fried all crunchy and savory. Tossed with a garlicky dressing and served with garden fresh hearts of romaine. My mouth begins to water just thinking about Chef Michael’s cuisine. I consider myself quite lucky to have discovered this truly talented chef early on, and even make a friend of him along the way.

  Now I long to visit his new restaurant in Miami, knowing that during my supper all my senses will be engaged, from the beauty of the dining room, the savory sweet scents in the air, the incredible tastes and textures that will appear upon my table. To the wonderful service by his very professional wait staff, so much more than just a simple meal dining in his restaurants is always the complete experience. 

 Congratulations’ to a very special chef and man of culinary vision and taste


 Micheal's Genuine Food and Drink

130 NE 40th Street Miami, Fla.

305 573 5550


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